Sofia Simeonidou develops ideas and projects into brands. Freelance (copy)writer, editor, and brand storyteller. We create brand stories. We edit website content. Services include:Social Media Copy. Sales Copy. Blog & Website Development. Social Media Management. 

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new stardom.

The online magazine sharing and promoting genuine self-employment stories. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, whatever their business name, they all have a real story to share. What is it that makes your business special? What's the truth about earning a living and being your own boss? And what exactly is a success?

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the fit sisters

This is a website where we talk about fitness, food, and wellbeing. All from delicious recipes to fitness training and feel good stories. There's no one way to be fit. We are all different. Yet we can all use some motivation. Are you looking for easy, yum recipes? Are you inspired by other people's fitness stories?