Sofia Simeonidou is a freelance (copy)writer, editor, and brand storyteller. We create brand stories. We edit website content. Services include:Social Media Copy. Sales Copy. Blog & Website Development. Social Media Management. 

i'd love to help you tell your story the real way. 


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My Passion

I have a passion for long-form journalistic writing but I also get a kick out of brand building and web-design. I design and write stories for different industries and on a range of topics but I'm particularly interested in health and fitness content.

My work

Brand and Web Design, Copy & Content - Sofia Simeonidou Consulting.

Founder, Food & Fitness Editor, Writer, Certified Fitness Trainer and RYT Yin Yoga teacher in the making for The Fit Sisters. Founder, Journalist, Editor for New Stardom.


My Past

For years, I've been a product manager, writing technical copy and managing compliance and Due Diligence content for financial products. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Political Science, and that's the journalist in me right there. You say research and I jump from joy. 

What else?

I believe in attraction and investing. I believe in people ending a conversation on a good note. I believe every story is actually two stories: the good, and the bad. You choose what you want it to be.