Sofia Simeonidou is a freelance (copy)writer, editor, and brand storyteller. We create brand stories. We edit website content. Services include:Social Media Copy. Sales Copy. Blog & Website Development. Social Media Management. 

i'd love to help you tell your story the real way. 


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I'm a storyteller & editor based in Amsterdam.

I'm loud when I'm not silent. I work hard. I like chatty people.

For years, I've been a product manager, writing technical copy and managing compliance and product Due Diligence content for financial products. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Political Science, and that's the journalist in me right there. You say research and I jump from joy. Any research. 

I'm the founder and editor of new stardom., an online magazine publishing genuine business stories. I'm also a passionate food and fitness advocate and editor. 


Being very fitness conscious (I'm a fitness trainer and on my way to become a Yoga Alliance certified yin yoga teacher) I created the fit sisters, an amazing fitness community with the intention to help, motivate, and support every person looking to improve their physical condition through exercise and better food choices. 

What else? I believe in attraction and investing. I believe in people ending a conversation on a good note. I believe every story is actually two stories: the good, and the bad. You choose what you want it to be.